About Us

Nezium products have been created to offer superior comfort to enable our customers to perform at the highest level in your sport and everyday life. Quality is the most important aspect of our products. We didn’t design these products to worry about cost, we designed our products to be the best functional performance apparel you will ever wear.

Our founder is a type 1 diabetic and was tired of shoving items for his blood sugar in his shorts so we created purposeful functionality within our products which can apply to all users. We developed things like a sleek upside down pocket, for easy access under your outer short which allows you to store nutrition, phone, or anything you need for extra storage. Second, we’ve created an integrated water bottle holder on the back waistband to easily tuck a water bottle, gloves, or other items you want to stash on your back. Being that comfort is our mission, we’ve designed and developed the ABR Compartment to give your man parts even more comfort during your activities. Lastly, we wanted to bring some style to bike shorts so we’re excited to be able to offer our shorts in yellow, teal, and black.

Nezium is all about having fun and being stoked to go rip with friends. We believe in putting in hard work at whatever you may do, but it’s also important to make sure you take time to get out and enjoy life. We are fired up to grow the Nezium family and have you be a part of our crew!